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Integrated Dispute Management Group helps clients with its coordinated approach in the end-to-end management of disputes. IDM Group offers a wide range of skills, market knowledge, and experience, including solicitor-advocates; mediators; investigators and a host of other experts who work in tandem to achieve end goal – Dispute prevention, Management and Resolution.

From  legal strategy work done by solicitors, trial work done by the Bar and Neutrals helping them resolve and settle cases- IDM Group is dedicated for the success of clients with early resolution and settlement of disputes. It is the only Dispute Resolution Service that helps clients resolve disputes faster and at less cost.

  • advocacy,
  • document management and review,
  • freelance lawyers service,
  • Vakilhelp Lawyers on Demand.


An Integrated Approach to Resolution of Disputes.

Settlement Counsel

Related to the function of ADR advocacy is the role of “settlement counsel” supporting “litigation counsel” as part of the team. The WDE-FICM experts are being engaged as settlement counsel to monitor ongoing litigation and develop early exit strategies.

WDE-FICM’s settlement counsel can bring unique skills to bear on a single, critical objective: early and optimal resolution of the dispute.

WDE-FICM’s settlement counsel is considered part of the litigation team which is already in place or could be litigation experts of WDE-FICM’s Panel.

Business litigation occurs many times due to disappointment, distrust, frustration, ego or anger . It creates a trap whereby the litigation counsel stays focused on the litigation war, while the client’s focus shifts from the war back to its business.

WDE-FICM’s settlement counsel understands and monitors the client’s changing interests and develops innovative strategies and tactics in order to better serve those interests. Settlement counsel typically are specialists in the science and art of interest-based negotiation.

By design, the goal of settlement counsel is limited. If they do not achieve a settlement quickly, they pass the case entirely to the litigation counsel, along with the full benefit of their early analysis. Their role is revealed to the adversary from the outset. Given their acknowledged and limited role, settlement counsel can afford to use cooperative techniques to foster early resolution.



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