Federation of Integrated Conflict Management


FICM Arbitration Hub is fast becoming a preferred source for resolution of disputes through arbitration.

FICM acts as an administrating body and Appointing Authority, under The FICM-MCN as well as UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules and can:

  • Provide a shortlist of arbitrators for the parties to choose from.
  • Appoint arbitrators with the joint consent of the parties. (FICM cannot appoint arbitrators with unilateral consent from one party.)
  • Facilitate settlement in International Arbitration
  • Managing the exchange of documents
  • Setting up hearings and sourcing venues
  • Providing fundholding services
  • Offering administrative and practical support

The FICM Rules on the Facilitation of Settlement in International Arbitration sets out a number of measures that can be used to try and most effectively resolve disputes without the need for a full arbitration. These Rules aim to assist international cases by establishing a safe transnational standard in settlement initiatives. These measures include the provision for a ‘mediation window’ during the arbitration and can be implemented by agreement or through inclusion in a contract clause.

Within the scope of arbitration, the FICM-MCN also offers services such as appointment of an Emergency Arbitrator, appointments of arbitrators in ad hoc procedures, administration of arbitration under the UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules and administration of investment disputes.

For more details on how it works or to request the appointment of an arbitrator, you may contact us at +91 850 599 9819.