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FICM trainers faculty has an experience conducting training for law students, private companies, public organizations, lawyers and the judiciary. Our training programs on negotiation, persuasion, mediation and arbitration are not based on books and theories, but on our practice in Making and Saving Deals.

Our participants come from a wide variety of backgrounds including: business professionals, corporate executives, lawyers, academics, functional business heads, project managers, front line staff and salespeople, among others. They are people who know that refining their ability to negotiate good deals, resolve conflicts effectively, and handle difficult conversations with confidence will give them and their organizations a competitive advantage.



  • ADR Courses for Law Students
  • Conflict Management and Dispute Resolution Training for Corporate Functional Heads
  • Advanced ADR Courses ( Arbitration & Mediation) for practicing Lawyers (Advocates), General Counsel, Retired Judges and other professionals interested and practicing in Arbitration and Mediation)

FICM Academy’s mediation, negotiation, arbitration, conflict management and other ADR certificate courses, training programs and workshops assist beginners, leaders and decision-makers of all backgrounds that help them develop unmatched skills to prevent, manage and resolve disputes of all kinds.

FICM Academy helps people with insights and tools they need to excel at the tasks they face every day. Here are some of the many reasons people in organizations need FICM training –


  • Could you be better at the negotiation in most real life situations?
  • Could you be better at preventing, managing or resolving conflicts and keeping relationships intact?
  • Can you handle difficult conversations with confidence?
  • How well do you manage employee disputes?
  • Would you like to be more persuasive in life situations?
  • Do your front-line staff have the tools to handle really challenging customer service situations?
  • Are you having full control on contractual engagements across all functions of your organization?
  • Are you successfully able to prevent or manage disputes with suppliers, vendors, channel partners, business associates and other external stakeholder?

With our innovation workshops learn new approaches to resolve conflicts, negotiate better deals, communicate more effectively and improve your ability to coach others.

We also conduct practical skills-based customized programs in these areas for organizations, associations and governments anywhere. We work closely with our clients to understand their specific workplace goals and challenges and design a workshop that is right for them.

What sets us apart is that our trainers and instructors are all experienced practitioners and teachers. They all act as negotiators, negotiation consultants, mediators, business consultants and life coaches and they bring real-life experience and expertise to their teaching.



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