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The 26-hour program provides detailed and comprehensive learning for professionals seeking to acquire core mediation skills and accreditation.

The Certified course is delivered in three x two day modules over a two to three month period. It is highly participative and practical. Learning approaches include short lecture inputs and facilitated group discussion. Much of the learning happens from insights derived from ‘working-through’ case studies/role plays as well as from on-going feedback during these sessions. The number of participants admitted to each training program is limited in order to optimize the practical nature and learning opportunities of this program. Assessment is ongoing throughout the program and includes completion and presentation of a mediation related project


On completion of this course participants will understand:

  • The law of various commercial jurisdictions underpinning mediation and the theoretical foundation of the mediation process;
  • The actual process of mediation itself and how to identify at an early stage whether a case is suitable for mediation;
  • How to develop the core competencies necessary for mediating a dispute;
  • How to use mediation skills and tools with fluidity and proficiency;
  • The mediator’s role and the inherent challenges of mediation process;
  • Develop advanced facilitation skills to promote communication between parties;
  • Acquire competencies to distinguish issues from interests and develop commercial solutions; and
  • Enhance listening, probing and evaluation skills

On passing out this Course, it will enable participants to:

  • become a fully accredited mediator meeting world standards in mediation.
  • be awarded the FICM Certificate of Accreditation as a Civil and Commercial Mediator – an accreditation meeting global standards.


Our course participants come from the public and private sectors, and many backgrounds including commercial and legal, government, banking, human resources, sport and not-for-profit. FICM’s  Mediation, Negotiation and Conflict Management training courses assist leaders, professionals, managers, consultants and decision-makers to communicate effectively, manage differences better and resolve disputes quickly.

The course is essential for any professional wanting to practice as a mediator and conciliator. The skills obtained will enhance the performance and add value to the career of:

  • Anyone with responsibility for resolving disputes
  • Private practice Advocates, Corporate Counsel, Solicitors and Barristers
  • In-house legal advisers
  • Other professional advisers e.g. accountants and architects
  • Healthcare professionals
  • HR managers, union representatives and policy advisers


Interactive and practical learning of skills and techniques, supported by our highly skilled and experienced coaches. The course includes workshops using case studies, role play, demonstrations, video feedback and one-to-one coaching.

You will learn:

  • The different stages in communication, problem-solving, negotiation and decision-making
  • How best to prepare and plan for difficult negotiations
  • Essential communication strategies to use when under pressure
  • Effective questioning techniques to get to the heart of a problem
  • How to build and maintain rapport and working relationships in difficult situations
  • Strategies to deal with emotion, polarization and anger
  • Techniques to break impasse and deadlock
  • How to find creative solutions to problems based on real interests and needs
  • How to undertake the role of the independent facilitator


  • Enhanced leadership and decision-making in tough situations
  • Savings in time and cost
  • Better and more productive business relationships
  • Enhanced morale and effectiveness in the workplace and boardroom
  • More effective approaches to difficult negotiations
  • Collaborative problem-solving with colleagues, clients and contractors
  • High performance handling of complaints
  • Reduction in disputes and better managed conflict
  • Improved management and assessment of risk 



FICM understands that working with the right organizations and experienced trainers is key to gaining recognized skills and qualifications in the growing mediation landscape.

In association with distinguished experts in mediation from various countries around the world, the courses ensure that they reflect the latest thinking and practice in the continually innovating field of alternative dispute resolution.


FICM courses are created and delivered by worlds well known authority on dispute resolution and conflict management. Our courses are facilitated by course leaders having extensive knowledge and insight are well recognized for the excellent standards they set in Industry.


INR 30,000.00 (Inclusive of digital self-study materials, certification, refreshments and lunch each day of the course.


Blended learning: pre-release of online lectures and three onsite interactive Friday and Saturday sessions.

Continuous assessment together with a final 2,500-word written assignment & optional practical role-play assessment.

The goal of this course is to provide an appreciation of the theoretical foundations of the mediation process and to equip participants with the necessary skills to successfully mediate disputes in a number of different settings. The course and the intensive interactive workshops are designed for those wishing to practice as trained mediators. 

The program is based on the following module scheme and covers key themes as listed below:

Module 1: Theoretical foundations

Understanding the mediation process
Types of mediation
Approaches to mediation

Module 2: Mediation regulation

Legislation & Court rules
The impact of regulation on practice

Module 3: Mediation practice

Ethics and moral principles
Rules of conduct
Suitability for mediation

Module 4: Mediation contexts

Family mediation
Workplace mediation
Commercial mediation





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