Federation of Integrated Conflict Management

Technology/ IP

The Technology/IP Dispute Centre provides expert support and services to facilitate ADR for national and international technology disputes. Our particular focus is upon science, technology, information technology, and intellectual property disputes.

FICM ADR approaches are particularly effective in the resolution of IP disputes because of the greater range of solutions available as compared to resolutions through a court, the ability to deal with common issues across several jurisdictions, as well as the low cost and rapidity of a solution. FICM mediators resolve disputes in the following fields:

Trade Marks and Passing off:

  • infringement / validity
  • revocation / opposition proceedings
  • royalty / damages


  • software code
  • music / literary works
  • joint ownership
  • moral rights

Design right:

  • registered / unregistered
  • similarity / commonplace designs
  • methods / principles of construction
  • licences of right


  • validity / infringement
  • employee inventions

Breach of confidence:

  • NDAs
  • Database rights:
  • infringement
  • amalgamation / mixing of data

Domain names: