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Tailoring To Specific Organizations and Sectors

Our instructors have worked in dozens of different sectors, both public and private sector, and often from multiple perspectives (e.g. in labor relations we have worked with unions, management, labor departments in government, and all of the above together).

Your customized workshop can focus on more specific topics, including but not limited to the areas listed below.

We deliver customized workshops for human resources professionals within coorporations and Human Resource Associations. We provide HR managers with the skills to enhance the performance of individuals, teams or departments. Our courses are delivered on behalf of a number of prominent HR professional associations.


We conduct courses for sales professionals across hierarchies in various industries. We understand that sales is all about creating connections, building relationships, and meeting the clients’ needs, while at the same time preventing and protecting the relationships in the time of distress and untoward and unprecedented incidents.


Effective salespeople listen more than they speak in order to understand their clients’ core needs not only in terms of their commercial requirements, but also from the point of view about their credit and reputation as well as oh how develop a secure contratual relationship, once the cliet is converted.


They are then well-positioned to find ways to match their product or service with the client’s needs along with customozed contrat clauses.

We help participants to enhance their capacity to build strong relationships with clients, develop a sales negotiation approach that increases dialogue, responds to time and competitive pressures, and produces results.


Participants learn how to sell products and services without even appearing to be selling and building a long term secure contractual relationship and Develop new business and grow your existing client accounts.


Contracts are your lifeblood. Many of our major corporate clients have benefited from our tailored procurement negotiation training, often repeating that training from year to year for their key procurement staff as new personnel are added.

Enhance your procurement team’s ability to negotiate effective stable contracts that are clear, effective and doable. Manage contract change requests effectively, minimizing lost time, stress and profit, while responding in timely ways to the commercial realities you face.

Get better substantive results using our core principles of legitimacy and problem-solving. Avoid unnecessary litigation and damage to your core supplier relationships. We have trained both buyer and contractor organizations.


The process of negotiating a collective agreement can be long and painful and, if not handled properly, can lead to prolonged feelings of mistrust between the union and management. Even if an agreement is reached, an ardous bargaining process can damage workplace relationships that are crucial to maintaining a productive and pleasant work environment. We have provided customized training for a number of groups to help them prepare for collective bargaining.

In some cases, union members and management representatives attend the training together in order to develop a shared framework for how to negotiate more effectively.

Negotiation training can create a more collaborative working environment, improving relationships and minimizing major grievances.

In addition to providing training, we work with groups to help them prepare for a specific round of bargaining. For a more thorough explanation of what we can do for your organization please read our detailed document on Union/Management services.


We teach Human Rights Organizations how to mediate the issues that they confront. We train such organizations on dealing with difficult people. Human Rights disputes have unique challenges: there is a public policy interest that needs to be protected, there may be a power imbalance; and there may be strong emotions, etc.. We train staff to recognize and deal with some of the issues that are unique to Human Rights disputes.


Call centre staff and complaint departments deal with clients who often get upset and sometimes abusive. Resolving issues and disputes over the phone, however, is never easy. We have run workshops for call centre and complaint department representatives to help them develop the skills they need to deal with upset and angry clients in a way that helps them to move towards problem-solving and resolution.


The health care field is rife with conflict: conflicting goals, people vying for limited resources, institutional constraints on change, power imbalances, and huge political implications.

We deliver negotiation and conflict management training to a variety of organizations specifically geared to health care professionals. Organizations such as pharmaceutical companies, medical associations, colleges of various health disciplines, hospitals, government regulators and others have felt the need for better skills hire us to conduct customized training. We help them develop negotiation and conflict management skills that work in a highly regulated, interdependent and complex health care system.


People in government have unique challenges. They have to apply and enforce prescribed rules and they have to serve the public. Many have therefore turned to ADR, particularly formalized negotiation and mediation training, to help them apply rules and deal with the public politely, consistently, and effectively.

We develop programs to provide government staff with the skills they need to negotiate, both within government and with the public. We enhance their ability to resolve disputes fairly and creatively.


Many law firms retain us to conduct training that is customized to meet the law firm’s needs. Our training ensures that members of the firm provide consistent, skilled negotiation services.

We offer programs for new lawyers who need to develop the skills necessary to survive in today’s difficult practice environment. We also provide high-level focused workshops for partners, to help them enhance their existing negotiation skills.

We also conduct workshops for lawyers on how to be effective advocates in mediation and settlement negotiations by providing tips, from the perspective of mediators, on what they can do to get better deals for their clients. Some firms see the training as an opportunity to forge more effective working relationships among firm members, many of whom also carry management responsibilities that require a different approach to dealing with people than the typical legal relationship.

Our understanding of the judicial context and how ADR and the skills noted above can apply in that context give us a unique ability to tailor our training. Many of our trainers are lawyers who mediate in the court-annexed context.


We understand banking issues, from HR to capital markets to day-to-day banking, we can help give your staff the skills they need to get better results.




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