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Five Days (40 Hours)

This program introduces Human Resources professionals to the field of informal conflict management and the broad spectrum of conflict management approaches available to organizations.Understanding conflict and its impact on individuals and organizations provides the impetus for developing new communication skills, introducing new HR policies & resources, and encouraging managers and employees alike to act as conflict resolvers in the workplace.

Participants learn about the dynamics of interpersonal conflict in the workplace, as well as how to manage conflict situations and high emotions from an HR perspective.

This course is specifically designed to empower HR professionals with the skills and confidence to resolve conflict situations early, locally, and informally.

MCN instructors have extensive mediation and instructional experience. Instruction will be augmented by skilled coaches, HR professionals, and panelists who bring a wealth of knowledge from their organizational and personal experience to the classroom.


  • Human Resources Professionals wishing to enhance their workplace conflict management skills
  • Organizational leaders or Human Resources Professionals planning to adopt informal workplace conflict management policies
  • Organizational leaders and managers who want to enhance their workplace HR/ADR knowledge and skills


  • Understand the cost of workplace conflict
  • Understand the sources and levels of workplace conflict
  • Understand organizational roles and responsibilities for the resolution of workplace conflict
  • Understand the role of the HR Professionals in preventing and resolving conflict
  • Describe Conflict Management Systems
  • Design processes
  • Learn how to engage managers as conflict resolvers
  • Recognize the characteristics of various ADR processes
  • Describe the drama triangle and how it can impact conflict management
  • Understand the five conflict styles and describe their characteristics
  • Understand the roles that values and beliefs play in determining behavior
  • Describe conflict management and interest-based resolution approaches and methods
  • Learn effective methods for dealing with difficult behaviors
  • Understand how cultural identities can intersect with conflict management styles
  • Define and apply critical skills for active listening and assertive speaking
  • Understand how to manage emotions
  • Understand ways of speaking that will increase the chances of being understood
  • Develop self-awareness of one’s own role in conflict
  • Understand barriers to communication and methods for addressing them
  • Understand the anger arousal process, anger triggers and defusing strategies
  • Discover the value of giving and receiving feedback effectively
  • Learn to integrate effective communication skills for conflict prevention and resolution in day-to-day interactions


Human Resources qualifications or experience is recommended
This course is five days long (seven hours per day); full attendance is required to receive a certificate of course completion


Cost for this course is INR 1.5 Lac plus GST.( For a group of max 5 participants in a corporate facility)


Pre-course material is emailed two weeks prior to the start date and must be completed before the first day of class.

Course and activity manuals are provided on the first day of class.


This course includes lecture, video, self-reflection, and group discussion. Learners also practice conflict resolution skills in small groups with a coach to guide exercises and provide feedback. Pre-course material and take-home assignments require up to 5 hours of self-study. There is no evaluation component to this course. Full attendance is required for a certificate of course completion.



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