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Who are FICM Neutrals?

Highly regarded, finest dispute resolvers, the FICM neutrals are your best choice for the prevention, management and resolution of disputes.

Under FICM rules parties to an (international) business transaction can not only choose the applicable substantive law (contract law) and the dispute settlement institution and rules. They can also choose neutral mediators, experts and arbitrators from the world’s largest pool of highly highly regarded and skilled neutrals, who will help them resolve any dispute.

FICM  does not employ neutrals, since independence has to be guaranteed in all cases. The roster provided by FICM is of trusted and qualified independent neutrals from diverse regions, backgrounds and ethnicity, and can also be chosen by the parties themselves.

Parties are always at liberty to go beyond the roster. However, if the parties cannot agree on the neutral or neutrals to settle their dispute, and they call on FICM for the appointment of neutrals, FICM  will resort to neutrals from its roster because they have been vetted and have a proven track record of providing successful and cost efficient dispute prevention and settlement solutions.

Who are FICM Contract Neutrals?

Highly skilled and experienced contract professionals on earth, to help you with contract negotiations and review to prevent disputes.

Contract specialists who review and vet a contract on behalf of all the parties. The FICM contract review ensures that the contract is made with all the available tools to prevent disputes that damage a business or transactions value and its standing.

Are you a contract drafting and negotiation expert? Join FICM as a member and be listed as an International Contract Neutral.

Who are FICM Dispute Neutrals?

Finest and most credible arbitrators, mediators, negotiators and other dispute experts for any and every unique situation.

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