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Medical Negligence Mediation

When a physician finds out that a medical malpractice claim has been filed, it is typically an extremely emotional, heart wrenching experience. Talking to the patient would allow the physician to explain that she did her best and that the outcome is not what either had expected.

Facilitative mediation and principled negotiation

Medical treatment does not always go to plan. Mistakes can cause patients to suffer an injury. Some patients will simply want an explanation or an apology. Some will ask for financial compensation (or “damages”) for the mistakes made. All will want reassurance that such mistakes will not happen again to others.

For some patients, the injuries sustained are so significant that they have new needs that must be met, and this can create significant cost.

FICM works in many ways to resolve these issues. FICM runs mediation and resolution schemes and Ombuds services for the medical industry to ensure that most cases are resolved early while reputation and relationships are maintained.

To know more about our services please call us at +91 850 599 9819 or mail us at CONTACT@FICMECOSYSTEM.COM


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