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FICM services are available to anyone - multinational corporations, small and medium-sized enterprises and startups in jurisdictions around the world.

FICM Contract Review and Registration Service

The Contract negotiation, review and registration service of FICM to prevent disputes. The first of its kind innovation that is changing the way we deal with disputes.

What is Contract review and registration under FICM Document Defense Scheme?

During the course of complex contract negotiations, we hardly think about the possibility of a serious disagreement or contract breach that could arise during the implementation stage. Although we know that such conflicts are common.

When involved in contract negotiations, we need to imagine a range of possible scenarios-including the possibility that a dispute may arise that could escalate into a lawsuit. Because no one wants to battle it out in court, there are a number of safeguards you can take to improve your odds of resolving disputes quickly and amicably.

Under its document defense scheme, FICM makes available model submission agreements that may be tailored by parties to address disputes in multiple jurisdictions. These contracts are developed in consultation with diverse specialists from a number of jurisdictions,

FICM Neutrals Appointment Service

Matching you with the best suited contract and dispute neutrals for your case.

The success of dispute resolution process  depends on the choice of the most suited and compatible neutrals.  The service helps you succeed with the best choice counsel.

FICM Dispute Administration Service

The FICM dispute administration services are for anyone. Law firms, lawyers, or one or all disputing parties can contact FICM for the administration of dispute resolution process under the FICM Rules, model uncitral rules.

FICM Contract Administration Service

The FICM contract administration can be used by parties or their counsel at any stage of the contract from negotiation, drafting, review and conclusion.



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