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Mass Claims

MCN turnkey and customized services help organizations and businesses in both the public and private sectors resolve claims–including high-volume, large-scale claims caseloads–quickly and cost effectively through the use of mediation. These include mediation programs for debt recovery and employment disputes etc.

Agency, distribution and franchise disputes

If you as franchisor or franchisee feel you may have a legal claim, you don’t necessarily need to get into a long, expensive litigation process. Franchise disputes, like all other claims, can often benefit from level-headed communication, reasoned negotiation, and when appropriate, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).

Shareholders and Boardroom Disputes

Boardroom and shareholder battles can be extremely damaging and very expensive in terms of disruption to business, lost time and legal fees. We work with clients to ensure that all aspects of that cost are minimized as far as possible, in order to ensure that our clients can put the dispute behind them and continue successfully with their business.


Contracts exist in every aspect and every type of business, whether they are oral, written or some combination. Contract mediation can ensure their proper formation, negotiation, execution and resolution when conflicts or different interpretations arise. Contract conflicts exist between small business owners, large companies, families or individuals who are trying to make the contract work fairly.

Human Resources

Complaints from employees, disagreements between you and an employee or disputes between two employees can all prove costly for your business. Conflict at work can lessen productivity and, if taken to a tribunal, costs time and money and can damage the working environment. MCN interventions are best suited to combat these HR situations.

Partnership dissolution

Partnership dissolution or potential dissolution are rarely easy and are often highly emotional. Whether involving two or more partners – family members, friends or business associates – mediation is ideal for partnership changes and potential dissolution and MCN has some of the finest partnership management experts to handle partnerships that re falling apart.


Sports, Entertainment and Media

The ever-increasing complexity of this industry and unprofessional approach makes it susceptible to disputes that have profound and far-reaching effects. The segmentation of rights and the variety of ways to exploit them, whether in relation to film or digital media, sport or music, has led to an increasingly complex and multifaceted environment.

Sale and supply of goods and services

Whether b-to-b or involving individual clients, disputes arising out of contracts for the provision of goods and services, both domestic and international can suffer from problems relating to breaches in performance, delays in delivery, disputes over price and quality, and debt recovery. MCN claims and recovery specialists are best to handle such cases.

Intellectual Property Disputes

Our IP experts are highly effective in the resolution of IP disputes because of the greater range of solutions available as compared to resolutions through a court, the ability to deal with common issues across several jurisdictions, as well as the low cost and rapidity of a solution. MCN panel consists of some rigorously trained experts in IP disputes.

Business Partnerships and Associations

Business is about relationships. When those relationships break down, conflict can impact not only the individuals involved but the entire business. We help parties find mutually beneficial solutions to a wide variety of business-related conflicts. These could be behavioral or third party based issues.

Financial Services Disputes

MCN Experts have considerable expertise and in-depth knowledge and understanding of the dynamics of the sector which they use to help clients achieve pragmatic and cost effective solutions. We work with clients on disputes ranging from internal staff issues, claims between individuals and retail banks and high value multi-jurisdictional transactions.



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