WLA | World Law Alliance

We are the world organization, driving the new wave of dispute prevention, management and resolution culture to secure peace and prosperity.

With accessibility to 1500+ finest dispute professionals around the world in 80+ countries we  prevent and respond to disputes through our global dispute ecosystem.

WDE-FICM ecosystem offers a wide choice of innovative tools, resources, finest “Neutrals” on earth and high-quality, cost-effective and efficient administrative services for preventing and resolving disputes under the WDE-FICM Rules and Procedures involving parties of any nationality seated.


Businesses want to mitigate risk of disputes by preventing and resolving them, faster, and with fewer resources. But they can’t do it with conventional wisdom, resources and traditional dispute practitioners – they need a modern day dispute professional operating within the modern day ecosystem that powers them.

With the integrity, objectivity, competence and professionalism of FICM certified Dispute prevention and resolution professionals operating within FICM ecosystem, businesses and their legal counsel operate with certainty in the international markets anywhere on earth.


As the global dispute ecosystem, FICM’s mission is to power the success of global businesses and the dispute professionals by providing the most relevant knowledge, resources and tools and protecting the evolving commercial interest.

WDE-FICM Ecosystem powering businesses with a new thinking and new ways of dispute management.

Businesses – faced with an ever-accelerating pace of change – are retaining their edge in today’s highly competitive world by unlocking the power of modern systems, contracts and dispute experts for prevention and management of conflicts and operate with certainty in global markets.

A platform that enables dispute practitioners, educators, and entrepreneurs to develop a strong and influential system of dispute management to address the challenges posed by the fast changing world.

WDE-FICM presents its members with a unique opportunity to expand their networks beyond their immediate professional environments and work alongside other incredibly accomplished individuals from diverse domains towards the shared goal of shaping the future with EVOLVED DISPUTE SYSTEMS.

Are you looking for a Dispute firm or professional that has distinguished itself by becoming a member of WDE-FICM?

Do you need a dispute professional or neutral with a specific strength?

Thousands of highly skilled, trusted and credentialed members from over 80+ countries are fully resourced and exceptionally qualified to help you prevent and resolve commercial cross border disputes anywhere in the world.



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