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The media, sports and entertainment sector has seen sustained growth and is now big business worldwide.

The ever-increasing complexity of this industry and unprofessional approach makes it susceptible to disputes that have profound and far-reaching effects. The segmentation of rights and the variety of ways to exploit them, whether in relation to film or digital media, sport or music, has led to an increasingly complex and multifaceted environment where the co-operation of participants is crucial to the success of a project. And since time is almost always of the essence, real-time dispute resolution is frequently necessary – something FICM mediators are uniquely placed to provide.

Our specialist mediators are regularly resolving disputes in the following fields:

  • film production and financing
  • distribution and marketing of media
  • media buying agreements and campaigns
  • joint ventures
  • internet related agreements
  • advertising
  • sponsorship and promotion agreements
  • exploitation of major sporting events
  • publishing

FICM offers a range of mediation service for disputes in the areas of music, film, copyright and entertainment, including

  • Royalty splits
  • Royalty Audits
  • Copyright ownership
  • Contractual
  • Reversion of rights
  • Writer/publisher disputes
  • Publisher/publisher disputes
  • Publisher/sub-publisher disputes
  • Artist/Record Company disputes
  • Manager/Artist disputes


Media, Sports and Entertainment companies
Investors, including banks and financial institutions
Private clients


Our media, entertainment & sport practice has a number of mediators and neutrals available for appointment on a wide range of assignments:

Arbitration Services
Early Neutral Evaluation
Expert Determination
Low Cost Mediation
Mediation Services
Neutral Chairing



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