WLA | World Law Alliance

Protect your business interests + Fix legal uncertainties + Prevent disputes & compliance failures. Be a pat of The New Era of Global Dispute Ecosystem

We support your international business with strong contract drafts and performance, offering access to resources that enable fool-proof contracts and prevent costly misunderstandings and compliance issues.

Contract Drafting Assistance and Review of the existing contracts: Free-of-cost Contract drafting assistance through model contract drafts and smart contract protocols.

International Contract Drafts: Free Model Contract Draft and checklist support for international transactions throughout the membership period.

Contract Registration and Defense: Free Contract Registration and Defense scheme as mentioned in the section.

Expert Review and recommendation on Contract drafts received from other parties or made in-house at a nominal fee as mentioned in the section earlier.

Country Experts: Easy and cost effective to a pool of highly skilled and credible country experts from over 50 countries for contract negotiations or other specialized work.

Dispute Resolution System: Quick and controlled dispute resolution under modern systems, rules and procedures.

Reduced Fee on key services: Access to services, expert advice, hearing venue and world’s finest international contract professionals, lawyers and Dispute Resolvers at a 20% reduced fee.

Ask The Experts | Advice mail: Our International Trade Email Helpline service gives you access to our team of experts, to help you deal with international trade contract performance and legal issues, to help you through any crisis!

Access is FREE for corporate members and others or non-members can ‘pay as you go’ for help with queries.

Global Business Directory: A searchable business profile with all details on our online Member Directory

Compliance Audit: Compliance with regulations governing international trade should be a necessary component of internal legal auditing of all businesses operating in the international markets, even for those businesses that engage in limited import and export trade. Members gain cost effective resources for compliance audits from time-to-time.

Access to world’s finest international contract professionals, Dispute Resolution Advocates and Neutrals.

  • Enabling in-house counsel to more effectively manage and resolve their company’s international disputes.
  • an outstanding resource for any in-house counsel responsible for international dispute resolution issues
  • an indispensable reference for in-house lawyers preparing for or considering cross-border dispute resolution procedures of any type, whether for the first time or the 100th time, and for drafters of dispute resolution provisions in agreements with international dimensions.

With over 1,000 members across 70+ countries, we are leading the way in responding to the demands of global networked markets. Our intercontinental ecosystem with international trade experts, law firms, lawyers, dispute professionals, neutrals and modern dispute resolution systems ensure certainty of operating in international markets.

Maximize opportunities and minimize risk of international trade regulations, costly contractual mistakes and misunderstandings between parties.

Achieve better business outcomes by making your trading relationships more profitable and lower risk.

Our various international systems and programs like Global Business Compliance Council and International Commercial Disputes Tribunal enables organizations and professionals to achieve world-class standards in their contracting, dispute prevention, management and resolution process and skills.

Become part of a global community of business owners and legal counsel with strong ethical and legal principles of international trade and transactions, reducing legal and compliance risk and bad performance of international contract deals.

The membership helps you in building a strong contractual relationship, increasing cross-border business readiness, managing global legal risk, and emerging successfully from a compliance failure or commercial dispute.

Our membership is drawn from many industries and is made up of business owners, entrepreneurs, professional contract managers, corporate counsel, attorneys, dispute professionals, negotiators and others directly involved in the contract performance.



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