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FICM operates private Independent multi-sector ombudsman schemes

Companies can Enhance Reputation, Save Cost and Conserve important relationships.

Turn complaints into insight – We use complaints data to help energy, communications, heat and the private parking sectors deliver better customer service.

Resolve disputes – in an efficient and ethical way beyond alternative dispute resolution [ADR]

Reduce service failure cost – by identifying the root cause of complaints

Be competitive – through training, consultancy and comprehensive analysis
Improve customer service – through actionable insights

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The Ombudsman service is a democratic initiative governed by FICM bylaws.

Consumers, employees or other stakeholders can complain to a private sector ombudsman if they have an unresolved complaint about a commercial business that is a member of the FICM ombudsman scheme.

More and more companies are opting for this self regulatory measure to prevent disputes, save costs, preserve reputation and relationships with some of their most important stakeholders including employees and customers.

The Ombudsman is an intermediate person who tries to resolve the complaints raised by consumers or employees. The task is to look into complaints and provide peaceful resolution of the same. The idea is to provide quick, neutral and cost effective justice to the complainant.

Consumer Ombudsman Service:

The Consumer Disputes Ombudsman Service provides accessible, fair and independent dispute resolution for consumers and businesses.

Organizational and Employee Ombudsman Program

The Internal Conflict Management and safeguarding your employees and your company from all areas of dissatisfaction, conflicts, and grievances including workplace safety, violence, threats, theft, harassment and fraud are the biggest priority of any organization.



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