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The Value of Being a FICM member.
FICM is THE place for professionals with proven credentials and verified antecedents and for businesses that are committed to proactively prevent and manage disputes.
The organization is laying the foundation for future generations of dispute professionals and bringing respite to businesses around the globe with dispute prevention systems.

Showcase your value

As part of the world’s largest and leading professional body of dispute management, prevention and resolution your FICM position and designation letters showcase your skills and experience globally, connect you to a community of like-minded peers and show you are committed to dispute prevention and resolution practice, ethics and professionalism.

Together, we drive the dispute profession forward with creativity, energy and vision.

When you join FICM, your membership connects you to the largest professional dispute management ecosystem in the world.

As a FICM member and its position holder, you have access to a range of benefits, tools, resources and services for your profession and practice as a ‘Member in Employment MiE‘ or ‘Member in Practice MiP‘.

Membership enables individuals to draw on FICM for support, tools, resources, guidance, marketing and network to shape and advance their professional goals. FICM professional members are classified into various lists based on their creds, length of experience and other professional qualifications and skills.

Membership for Individuals

Corporate in-house counsel, CXO’s  dispute prevention and resolution professionals, lawyers, ADR professionals, arbitrators, mediators or any individual responsible for dispute prevention and resolution in a company can join FICM as an individual member.

Membership for companies

Any Business can become the member of FICM as a corporate member to use its modern and world class dispute management, prevention and resolution services, solutions and resources.

Membership for Law Firms

Any law firm, corporate or institution that offers dispute resolution services, resources and systems or wishes to be a part of global institutional network partner can join FICM as a law firm, corporate or institutional member.

One Membership, Multiple Benefits

What does it mean to be a FICM member?

It means you’re very closely connected to a professional network around the world in 70+ countries. It means you gain access to resources, necessary tools, support, guidance, professional skills, programs, services and information you need to keep you at the top of your professional goals. And it means you’re challenged to seize that next professional milestone.

Together, we make the dispute prevention and management profession possible.

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Become “FICM A-List” professional designation holder

Join an elite group of professionals by getting into the “FICM A List”.

FICM Ecosystem Members Directory

Looking for a FICM professional? Find in FICM Ecosystem.

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Access to Model International Contracts

Members can get model contracts for any commercial transaction across the world and also get contract review at discounted  fee, from the “industry expert contract neutrals”.

Authorship opportunities

In FICM media, newsletter, blogs and other published materials. Login as a member to post your online article now.

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Sponsorship, Marketing and outreach opportunities.

Get member discounts on opportunities year round.

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Speaking Opportunities

Preferential speaking opportunities to members at FICM events. Get email updates on speaking opportunities as they Come.

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Code of conduct and professional ethics

All FICM members must follow our code of conduct in their professional activities.

Agreements with other bodies

FICM is working with a number of organisations around the world to promote dispute management, prevention and resolution.

FICM Industry and Practice focused Panels

Get listed in four industry and practice focused panels on the FICM Ecosystem Directory and enhance your web presence along with chances of neutral and other work appointments.


For the Members in Employment, their employability is important. Find out what we’re doing to put members in demand.

Book of FICM Systems Rules and Procedures

The digital version of the book contains  continuously updated rules, procedures and guidance for dispute prevention, management and resolution.

Download FICM rules, procedures booklet

Represent jurisdictions (cities)

Members can represent all jurisdictions where they have their own offices and get searched for all such locations on the FICM Ecosystem Directory.

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Be a part of FICM Directory at FICM ecosystem website.

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Credentials and designation

Gain certified Achievements that amplify and display your expertise to the world. Learn how FICM Designations put you ahead.

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Get specialized certifications at member discounts.

Gain insights through various certificate courses at attractive member discounts.

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Social Media

Connect with members on our LinkedIn groups. Stay up-to-date on the FICM and member news on social channels like twitter, facebook et al. Follow video series from FICM and shared content from our members and from key FICM events.

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Specialized panel membership listing

Members can get listed in three specialized panels for each industry and practice areas.

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Get listed in rosters of FICM Schemes and Systems

Get listed in various FICM rosters of schemes like ICDT, IDMG, GBCC, Ombuds Schemes, GC Networks, Expert networks et al to enhance your visibility and chances of work appointments.

FICM Media

Get exposure through Digital video interviews and podcasts on FICM media at members preferred times and discounts. Also get the pulse of the new dispute prevention and resolution profession through regular media updates

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FICM Store

You can Explore the new FICM Store and find an unprecedented choice of  resources in leadership, strategy, new technologies and much more. You can also post your products and services that you may think will be a value to our other members around the globe.

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Member Discounts

Attractive member discounts on all events, products and services offered by and through FICM Universe.

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Member FAQs

Find the answers to the questions you may have

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Get Involved in various councils programs and Initiatives. Join Committees and task forces to advocate for your specialization.

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Need to talk to a person?

We’re available to chat at +91 8505999820, Monday–Friday, 10am–6pm IST.

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Contact FICM’s Membership Team at +91 8505 999 819 or


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Membership dues

Annual dues are based on your membership category, level and Positions.