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Whether the dispute is between a school and its local education authority; between a student and a university; between an institution and a group of staff, students or parents; or simply within the management team, its impact can be felt widely.

Education disputes can be hugely complicated and time-consuming, involving not only the institutions themselves but public agencies, individuals and their families and even the community at large. Often there are sensitive issues at the core, including bullying; discrimination; negligence; admission, omission and examination grading as well as management and team relationship issues.


The cost of protracted litigation means diverting funds from other priorities; is yet another burden on the time of busy professionals; and is potentially damaging to a student’s education.

Reputation of both individual and the institution can also be an important consideration in encouraging swift – and discrete – conflict resolution.

FICM’s education neutrals include many with direct experience of working in the sector as teachers, lecturers, school governors and board members. Understanding how institutions operate and interact with other bodies and students, our team is able to provide clients with the best possible assistance for their individual needs.


Public and Private Schools
Universities & Higher Education Institutions
Education Regulators
Private clients


Our education practice has a number of mediators and neutrals available for appointment on a wide range of assignments:

Arbitration Services
Early Neutral Evaluation
Expert Determination
Low Cost Mediation
Mediation Services
Neutral Chairing



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