We are a New World Dispute Organization.

Helping corporations, communities and governments with collective resources of conflict management, dispute resolution and civil justice systems for prevention, de escalation and quick resolution of disputes.

FICM ecosystem offers a wide choice of innovative tools, resources, finest “Neutrals” on earth and high-quality, cost-effective and efficient administrative services for preventing and resolving disputes under the FICM Rules and Procedures involving parties of any nationality seated all over the world.


5000+ Members Globally


50+ Dispute Management Programs


500+ Contracts under Scheme


1500+ Corporate Business Members

Global Council Members
Executive Board / International Mediators / senior advocate
Executive Board / Governing Council / International Mediators
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Dispute resolution through Arbitration should not be costly, time consuming or uncertain. FICM procedural and technology innovations along with Rules and Protocols are shaping up Arbitration for the modern world.


Nothing can beat the outcome of a truly skilled mediation, when it comes to  settlement of disputes between parties. Our preventive protocols and innovative and procedures adopted by highly skilled mediators are game changers in resolution of disputes as we strike over 90% success in all the disputes that are mediated by our Neutrals.


Highly regarded, finest dispute resolver, FICM Neutrals are your best choice for the prevention, management and resolution of disputes. You can engage Neutrals at any stage of your transaction, Contract Neutrals for contract review and negotiations, Dispute Neutrals for resolution of disputes.


From the Young & Dynamic ‘Y&D’ to our ‘FICM A-LIST’ members, Home to over 5,000+ finest and most credible dispute professionals from 80+ countries.

If you are in international business, GBCC is the support you require. The must-have membership subscription for businesses operating in international trade.

FICM is regularly contacted in relation to disputes where one party wishes to submit a dispute to mediation, but no mediation agreement exists between the parties, To facilitate submission of such disputes to FICM Mediation, a party may submit a unilateral Request for Mediation to FICM under FICM Mediation Rules. FICM may then assist the parties or, upon request, may appoint an external neutral to provide the required assistance.

ICDT maintains an updated roster of impartial and credible Neutrals in virtually every specialization from over 70 countries around the world. Parties in international transaction prefer ICDT as their institution of choice for prevention and effective resolution of disputes.

Our integrated hybrid approach delivers unmatched results through a blend of legal and non legal domain experts having one vision – early resolution. IDMG offers customized dispute resolution services locally and globally through a combination of industry-specific experience, first-class client service and highly trained panelists.

FICM partners with companies and brands to produce world class events that have become a go to place for latest trends and most creative ideas.


The Definitive Guide to an uncertain World of Disputes. FICM MEDIA creates and disseminates ‘Expert-Sourced’ content in over 80+ countries.

FICM for the General Counsel’s office

FICM for the Corporations of the world

FICM for International Trade

FICM Ombuds program for companies

FICM for Law Firms and other Dispute Practice Firms

FICM for Industry Associations and Bodies

FICM for Small Business

FICM for Construction Companies

Online Dispute Resolution

FICM-MCN offers an integrated online managed system for mediation, arbitration dispute settlement management. Participants in dispute resolution now expect to have the ability to move their resolution forward on any day, at any time. Participants expect to be able to securely upload documents, make proposals, discuss issues and develop settlement documents online.

Request Proposal for Dispute System Design

We design and implement systems for the prevention, de-escalation, control and early resolution of disputes. Our services are offered to large corporations to anticipate, prevent, manage and resolve disputes. FICM-MCN develops creative ADR programs to help solve challenges specific to industry and target groups.

Appoint an Organizational Ombuds

Sign-up with an Ombuds office for your consumer or employee disputes. This service is presently available in India and few other countries. To know more about the Ombuds Office, please contact us at ombudsman@ficm.in


FICM’s various integrated systems together form world’s first and only inclusive “Global Ecosystem” of Prevention, De-escalation and Resolution of Disputes. The resource of choice is mentioned in the dispute resolution clauses of international cross-border commercial agreements to bring certainty in transactions.


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