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I Wish To Be A Student Member Of WDE-FICM. I Subscribe To The Aims And Objects Of The Organization And If Elected Shall Observe The Rules And Regulations And Pay The Subscription For The Time Being In Force. I Am A Bonafide Full Time Student/Student Of A Full Time Course Of The Institution Mentioned Below And That I Will Cease To Be A Member Following The Date I Cease To Be A Student, Unless I, In The Meantime Apply For And Am Elected As A Regular Member. I Have Read The Eligibility Clause And Confirm That I Fulfil The Conditions Laid Therein. I Also Agree That I Shall Automatically Cease To Be A Member For Defaults In Payment If Any.

I wish to be a student member of wde-ficm. I subscribe to the aims and objects of the organization and if elected shall observe the rules and regulations and pay the subscription for the time being in force. I am a bonafide full time student/student of a full time course of the institution mentioned below and that I will cease to be a member following the date I cease to be a student, unless I, in the meantime apply for and am elected as a regular member. I have read the eligibility clause and confirm that I fulfil the conditions laid therein. I also agree that I shall automatically cease to be a member for defaults in payment if any.



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