Submission Form

Note:  If you already have the MCN written into your contract for dispute resolution, please contact at +91 8505999819 or in**@me**********.org to file your mediation.  It will be administered under the MCN Mediation Procedures.

Use this form where the parties to a dispute

  • Have agreed to mediate under Mediation Procedures. To view Procedures CLICK HERE
  • Agreed to a mediator (please be sure to know your mediator’s name). You can FIND THE MEDIATOR HERE
  • Selected a Mediation Manager from the list. To view a list of managers, CLICK HERE
  • After completing the form, it will automatically be sent to the chosen Mediation Manager, who will contact you and the other party. You will also get a confirmation on the information below with the email address you have provided.


To have your Mediation case managed by MCN the costs are as follows: 

$300 filing fee per case*

$50 per hour of billed mediator time is also charged as an administrative fee; your Mediation Manager will invoice both costs.

*Where there are multiple cases, contact the Mediation Manager to discuss whether a lower fee may be available.

*Parties may reallocate this filing fee equally by having the non-filing party reimburse the filing party for half this fee.

For Regional Mediation, please contact so****@me**********.org