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One of the promoters and co-initiators of Mediation and Conciliation Network, Kulpreet Yadav is an acclaimed Conflict Resolution Expert * Motivational Speaker * Life Skills Trainer and Creative Thinking Coach.

“Resolving disputes is all about resolving conflicts within one’s own individual mind”. As a new thought mediator, Kulpreet has helped hundreds of individuals in resolving disputes with others by helping them resolve the ensuing conflicts within their own minds.

He always tries to encourage parties in dispute to consider wider issues than those delineated by purely legal or pleaded matters. He has lectured “in house” to several leading public limited companies and government department personnel on various aspects of optimal negotiation and presentation for the purpose of resolving disputes.

With his excellent people skills and communication abilities, he has a particular aptitude in bringing complex legal issues to life using sensible analogies and examples and to bring practical suggestions in resolving disputes.

Featured in several national & international forums and media, Kulpreet is also the cofounder-editor of Open Road Review, the leading online magazine of literature and culture in South Asia. His workshops are a unique combination of creativity, communication, leadership & self development that has benefited thousands.

Some of his core thoughts that make him one of the most sought after mediation expert are –

  • Psychological Resilience in a Stressful Job: How to Be a Winner at Individual & Team Levels.
  • The Art of Creative Thinking: Tools That Will Help You Accomplish Goals Like Never Before.
  • Anger Management: The Foundation of a New You.
  • You Are Academically Brilliant. Now How to Be Creative at Your Job?

An Ex-Armed Forces officer, Kulpreet Yadav brings in wealth of experience of his life to the art and science of Mediation and Conciliation.



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