Federation of Integrated Conflict Management

Appoint a Neutral

The FICM’s Panel of Neutral Dispute Resolvers consist of highly accomplished mediators, arbitrators, ADR Lawyers, Negotiators and experts from the legal, social and business communities, who all have one key focus, to quickly resolve and settle cases to their finality with least pain.  They include prominent attorneys, retired judges, academics, highly-skilled business executives who are particularly qualified to resolve all kinds of disputes including those involving multi-national corporations or issues of public sensitivity.

Admission to one of MCN Panels occurs only after an individual is reviewed and approved by FICM-MCN and/or a select panel of high-end users, peers and/or academics. Candidates are screened for their ADR training and innovative approach. Qualification to the FICM-MCN roster is unique and available openings are limited.

If you wish to join one of our panels, please mail us at membership@mediationhub.org or you may fill up our online membership form by clicking HERE

To find one of the best suited Neutrals profile, please CLICK HERE to SEARCH NEUTRALS DIRECTORY

To request a list of most appropriate Neutrals from FICM-MCN Rosters, please contact sonali@mediationhub.in with details about your case, or you may submit case details online HERE to request a list of Neutrals to select.

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