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WDE-FICM operates on a collaborative, integrated and inclusive business model that taps into the expertise, resources, financial investments and innovations of a diverse array of professionals, individuals and organizations across the public, private and government sectors.

Join our growing network of members and partners and become part of one powerful global brand in Dispute Resolution.

Regardless of the size of your business, we are always looking for like-minded organizations to create long lasting prosperous relationships.

There are many ways in which we can form mutually beneficial business partnerships; you can read more about these below. We are happy to consider any other proposals you might have in mind.


WDE-FICM’s founding partners are the bedrock of the FICM global Mission.

Each founding partner has invested $100k upwards and together they form a consortium dedicated to promote the organization’s mission through its various not-for-profit initiatives, businesses, programs and events.

At present we have 3 founding investment partners and are seeking a total of 10 founding partners to steer the initial growth of the organization.

45 – 50% of the FICM group equity is proposed for divestment at various stages to accommodate the new founding partners. (Proposed to professionals, entrepreneurs, investors and other investment or venture funds)

The equity partnership is available with our group holding company as well as for diversified and regional initiatives. If you are interested in equity partnerships, we are glad to discuss the options and other details further.  Please provide a brief snapshot of your present work, initiatives and interests.

Equity Partnership opportunities –

  • Global Business
  • Regional Business (Country Initiatives)
  • Diversified Business Initiatives


PARTNERSHIPS (For setting up of Regional Mediation Centers)

With an objective to build a wider reach, WDE-FICM is setting up regional and local Mediation Centers.

WDE-FICM invites interested legal and non legal professionals and entities from unrepresented locations who can to setup a office/conference space, facility and amenities that can be used as mediation center.

To know more or discuss the opportunity, please call us at +91 8505999819 or mail us at


From setting ambitious goals aligned with WDE-FICM agenda to joining existing projects designed to create innovative solutions, you are welcome with your ideas and resources that can help us further our common goals through these joint projects, programs and events.

You can also create your own project that aligns with WDE-FICM goals and agenda and we can together work on such projects to further our common cause.


WDE-FICM is open at partnerships that will draw on co-marketing opportunities with businesses and organizations that target a similar or overlapping audience. The marketing partnership opportunities limited to only our imagination. We are open to all kinds of innovative partnership opportunities that help us together market our brands to our target audiences. Please call us at +91 8505999819 or mail at if you have any ideas to discuss.


FICM is building mutually beneficial partnerships that leverage respective expertise, assets, technologies, networks and resources. Building partnerships with FICM starts with defining a shared vision of what we want to achieve together, and then co-creating a partnership that taps into the respective strengths.


Support your organization with our range of programs to prevent, manage and effectively resolve conflicts.

For details about our corporate programs, please refer our corporate membership brochure HERE


FICM offers membership opportunities to individuals, law firms and corporation

To know more about memberships, please refer our membership section HERE



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