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Representative Members (USD 118 )

If you are eligible to be one of our Representative Members, we will intimate you by email accordingly.  Representative Neutrals are our preferred Neutrals for referrals and get listed in at least two specialty panels of FICM’s  worldwide directory along with their detailed profile.

For other membership opportunities, please go to our members and partners section HERE


When FICM is asked to recommend and appoint a mediator or an arbitrator FICM will, on a rotation basis, select from the FICM arbitrator or mediator Referral list, based on experience, expertise and nature of the dispute or members known to be experienced arbitrators or mediators.

An appointment fee will be invoiced to the member who accepts an appointment, who must remit it to FICM within 30 days of the appointment. The fee is $118 for amounts in dispute under $100,000 and $200 plus GST for amounts over $1000,000.

Please note that the inclusion as a Representative Neutral  does Not guaranteed referral business as it will depend on quantum of inquiries related to your panel, acceptance by the disputants and other factors. 

Other benefits of membership with the FICM include:

  • Networking and educational opportunities;
  • Opportunities to serve on committees and the FICM Board;
  • Business opportunities through FICM;
  • Advertising opportunities, including a listing on ADR Connect, the international database of members from which the public may select the ADR practitioner of his or her choice;
  • Updates and information about the ADR world;

Are there any Rules & Regulations or other Obligations a member has to abide by and follow?

Yes, every Panel member is bound by FICM’s Bylaws, Rules & Regulations for Neutrals and other Notifications issued by FICM from time to time.

As confirmed by its accreditation rules, all certified members of FICM share the common values of integrity and competence and adhere to its Code of Ethics and Code of Professional Conduct, which set out the standards of conduct and professional obligations of all members towards their clients and the public.

Are there any Membership Fees to be paid?

The associate  membership for Neutrals is absolutely Free, however there is fee of USD 118 for inclusion in the FICM’s Representative Neutrals Category. Representative Neutrals qualify on the basis of their experience, expertise, geographic location and the available slots in each geographic location and specialization. Each location and specialization can have no more than 100 representative neutrals listed at any given time.

Can I use the logo now that I’m a Member?”

Yes, all Accredited Members can use FICM Logo in their communication collateral, including their profile, website and online blogs etc.

How can I pay my annual dues if I choose to be a Representative Member?

You can pay your annual dues via wire transfers or through Paypal. The link to online payment and bank details for wire transfers is provided on the invoice issued by the membership team.

How are the FICM dispute resolution procedures conducted?

Each of the ADR procedures offered by FICM is conducted pursuant to FICM Rules. Rules specific to each procedure are agreed upon by the disputing parties and the Neutrals. FICM  rules are defined and flexible to the needs of parties in dispute, with a view that parties reach a resolution early with least time and cost.

These Rules, which exist in several languages, incorporate the latest developments in the area of dispute resolution and can be used in any legal system in the world.

What is the difference between an primary associate and a full Representative membership ?

Representative membership is open to anyone practicing in the area of Dispute Resolution (ADR) who is committed to excellence in this field. This level of membership allows to be listed in FICM rosters of at least two specialist panels, and to be eligible for listing in FICM’s worldwide directory of ADR practitioners. Representative members have voting rights for specific caucuses.

Associate membership allows the member to enroll in FICM list of accredited Neutrals, but are not eligible for a listing in FICM directory of ADR professionals or to join committees and other forums. Representative Neutrals are given preference for appointments as Neutrals too.

How the appointment of Neutrals work?

When FICM is asked to recommend and appoint a mediator or an arbitrator, FICM will, on a rotation basis, offer to the disputing parties, a list of at least 3-5 members selected from the FICM Representative list, based on experience, expertise, geographic location and nature of the dispute.

The fee charged by Neutrals is fixed by FICM , as per FICM dispute resolution (arbitration, mediation etc) Rules and is mentioned to the disputing parties at the time of selection of Neutrals.

Once the parties select the neutrals and agree to the FICM Rules of ADR, an appointment fee will be invoiced to the member who accepts an appointment, who must remit it to FICM within 10 days of the appointment. The fee is US$118 for amounts in dispute under US$100,000 and US$200  for amounts over US$100,000.

Who can use the MCN dispute resolution procedures, and where?

The FICM dispute resolution programs and procedures are specifically designed for a varied range of commercial and community disputes in domestic and international arena and are open to any person or entity, regardless of nationality or domicile. They may be held anywhere in the world, in any language and under any law chosen by the parties. Through its partnerships with many institutions, associations and a number of Cooperation Agreements, FICM is able to assist parties to organize hearings in any part of the world.  For the list of venues, procedures and other dispute resolution resources, please contact one of the FICM dispute handling staff at +91 8505999819 or disputes@mediationhub.org

For which disputes can MCN dispute resolution procedures be used?

FICM dispute resolution programs and schemes cater to a very wide range of domestic and international disputes. The Rules governing the FICM dispute-resolution procedures contain features that can be used for the resolution of disputes with consumers, internal stakeholders, communities and individuals. For a comprehensive list of programs and practices, please refer the Work section of FICM HERE.

Who are the arbitrators, mediators and experts?

Parties may appoint their own arbitrators, mediators and experts, or may select from the list of experts offered my FICM. For this purpose, FICM maintains lists of mediators, arbitrators and experts, including comprehensive details of their qualifications and experience. The individuals listed represent a wide variety of specialization in all fields of dispute resolution. The lists, which are constantly expanding, presently comprise over 1,500 neutrals from 40 countries.

What does FICM dispute resolution cost?

FICM believes that effective dispute resolution must be affordable, or else, it defeats its purpose. FICM operates on a non-profit basis. In respect of each procedure, fees are payable to FICM and to the mediator, arbitrator or expert, which are calculated in accordance with a standard schedule of fees on the basis of the amount in dispute. More details on the schedule of fee, please contact the case handling team at disputes@mediationhub.org or call us at +91 850 599 9819.

What does FICM offer besides dispute resolution procedures?

FICM conducts events and research programs with mutual cooperation and collaboration of its members and partners and Neutrals have the opportunity to participate for professional development.



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