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Majority of FICM’s work consists of helping resolve disputes over contracts across all sectors. FICM’s Mediation and dispute resolution Contract Clauses are used in many contracts – which direct parties to use this form of Alternative Dispute Resolution if a disagreement arises.


Mediation: is a quick, cost-effective way to manage a dispute over contract, find a potential settlement and can also help to maintain relationships, objectives and morale of those effected.

Although many mediations are post issue of legal claim, to use this service you do not necessarily have to have a formal ‘dispute’ or require a ‘formal’ mediation. Mediators can be used as neutral facilitators, chairs, experts, adjudicators, or consultants and alternative forms of dispute resolution are also offered including:

Early neutral evaluation: An assessment of facts, evidence or legal merits.

Arbitration, expert determination and adjudication: An independent expert is appointed to decide the dispute or provide judgement on specific issues.

Independent interventions and fact-finding/investigations: Roles may range from a ‘trouble-shooter’ facilitating negotiations or an independent assessment to provide clarification of particular issues to support decision-making.


Multinational businesses
Small to Medium Enterprises
Sole traders and private individuals
Employers and employees
Professional services



General commercial contracts
Property (including lease) and construction
Agency agreements
Financial services
Professional services
Transportation and logistics
Energy and Oil, Natural Gas




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