The Indian Court System Devoid of Guidelines on Timelines, By Dr.V.V.L.N. Sastry

Dr.V.V.L.N. Sastry

Delayed Justice in India Entrenching Poverty  Across the globe, users of civil and criminal justice systems, including courts, often complain that the systems take unjustifiably long time to process given matters. The typical court user who suffers never-ending talk from attorneys, growing legal bills and reams of court documents feels that his or her cases […]

Summary of USMCA Negotiations


In our newsletter, we summarized USMCA’s negotiations. You can access our newsletter on the following link: Trading Room.

Settlements: How and Why We Do Them


SETTLEMENTS HOW AND WHY WE DO THEM     Law Office of Gen A. Norton 601 Carlson Parkway, Suite 1077 Minnetonka, MN 55305 (763) 450-6600       © 2019 Law Office of Glen A. Norton All Rights Reserved   I suffered so much, why settle with my spouse now? Although one […]

Meditation – One of the key factors bringing success in Dispute Resolution

Mediation is a dynamic, structured, interactive and voluntary process parties choose, where a neutral third party, the mediator, agreed upon by the parties, or court accredited, assists in resolving conflicts. It is an internationally accepted method of solution to disputes which replaces conflicts with harmonious relations devoid of bitter tastes characteristic of court judgement and reduces […]

Do we really have to go to courts?

Have you ever been into a dispute? Have you ever been to courts? Did you even know that the courts have the pendency of around 2, 67, 73,356 cases and counting and that it will take another 23 years to resolve them? Right!! You must be shocked. We all have disputes. Don’t we? Be it home, office, work etc., some tend to grow bigger which ultimately lead us to choose courts. But why courts? Why do we have to go a place that is already filled up till the brim with cases?

Getting People to the Table

One of the hardest parts of many mediation processes is just getting people to agree to participate. As is explained in more detail in the section on Limits to Agreement: Better Alternatives people are unlikely to be willing to negotiate if they think they can get a better outcome by using

Good Timing–Identifying “Ripe” Times for Negotiations

The timing of negotiations is often critical to their success. Conflict scholars and negotiators often use the concept of “ripeness,” comparing negotiation to fruit. If a fruit is picked too early, it will not be ready for eating; however, if it is picked to late, it will be inedible as well.

Why Mediate?

The picture above is a typical real estate dispute. Two couples (here two mating pairs of nasca boobies on Genevieve Island in the Galapagos) are arguing over possession of a prime piece of real estate (a nesting site). These two couples spent hours chirping back and forth at one another, resolving nothing. Because the avian world does not know from either mediation or litigation, this argument will continue until either one of



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