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Vivek has more than 25 years of experience in communications consulting, particularly in the areas of crisis management, Brand and Business spectrum, content marketing strategy, and business journalism. He has a widely recognized and acknowledged persuasive story-telling experience which reached in to the very heart and practice of entrepreneurial dynamics, corporate best practices, senior stakeholder communications, both in the private as well in the government and the NGO sector.
As the editor of MIS (South Asia) magazine, once recognized as the best journal for IT Managers across the APAC region, and by virtue of editing various magazines on Business and Human Resource Management as well as on Venture Finance and IT, he has had pervasive access and definitive understanding of the CXO space and of the various long-term imperatives that inform the leadership narrative in all their practical reach and expanse.

A leading PR professional, Vivek has worked closely with some of India’s and the world’s leading PR agencies in seminal roles. He was the Projects Director for 2020 Media, now MSL, the regional head for Burson Marsteller-Roger Pereira (now Genesis-BM), the Head of Technology vertical and Chief strategist for Corporate Voice Weber Shandwick (now Weber Shandwick) and as Associate Partner for Ketchum Sampark (then only Sampark). He has helped contribute in manging reputations for leading corporates such as Oracle, Honda, Emerson Climate Technologies, Hero Cycles, McDonalds, Perfetti, Radico Khaitan, Electrolux, VISA, Maruti, Mastercard, and Xerox.

In the domain of content asset management and business communications, Vivek has helped diverse teams develop compelling strategies for mainstreaming media to achieve significant communication driven business goals. He has advised numerous start-ups and businesses to use effective restructuring of communication and image methods to achieve sustainable relevance across time, life-cycle and market texture.

As a journalist Vivek has written extensively on subjects ranging from aviation, agriculture, space and technology and of course IT. He has done pioneering work in the field of Management of Technology in Indian journalism when he explored the concept of ERP in DATAQUEST way back in 1996. He has had award winning work published on the technology revolution in the north Indian state of Haryana. In his various capacities at the helm of TV and print media, he has led diverse teams, across India and in Singapore and Australia to deliver curated, original customized and incisive content to highly discerning audiences. He has also conducted various seminars and roundtables on the role of IT in society, the process of Business Writing and Publishing Imperatives.

A keen learner, Vivek has diverse interests in the sociological and historical ties that have shaped and inspired the human race as a whole and is also an avid astronomer. He is a computer and internet geek in the meanest sense of the word. Apart from writing and listening to people for his livelihood, he is a closet foodie and a fanciful dreamer.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column_inner][vc_column_inner width=”1/6″][/vc_column_inner][/vc_row_inner][/vc_column][/vc_row]



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