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Any party may initiate Mediation by contacting the MCN service. You can contact us or one of our project partners. We will inform you about Mediation and all necessary further steps to conduct Mediation.

[/vc_column_text][/vc_column_inner][vc_column_inner width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]Mediation is a voluntary process; therefore the other party has to agree to mediate, unless you have inserted a Mediation clause in your contract. In some countries Mediation might be suggested or imposed by court or law.

You can contact the other party yourself or we can – with your permission – contact the other party to suggest Mediation.

If both parties agree to Mediation and we assess that the case is suitable, we will refer you to the most appropriate mediator to help you find a suitable mediator. If requested, we will suggest two or more mediators to the case, based on the type of issue in dispute. The parties then select the mediator out of the two or more mediators together. If requested by all parties, we even appoint the mediator for you.

After the parties agree on a mediator, the mediator together with the parties will clarify where and when the Mediation sessions will take place. Everyone attending Mediation has to sign an agreement to mediate.

Here are the four steps to initiate Mediation:

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  • CONTACT US: We will talk to you in confidence about your issue, help you to decide if Mediation is an advisable dispute resolution and refer you to the appropriate Mediator.
  • ALL PARTIES NEED TO AGREE TO MEDIATION: In order to find out if all parties wish to proceed, you or our team will suggest Mediation to the other party.
  • AGREE ON A MEDIATOR: We will suggest one or more suitable mediator(s) to the case. The parties agree on a mediator.
  • SIGN AN AGREEMENT TO MEDIATE: After the agreement to mediate has been signed, you can start with Mediation sessions.




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