Federation of Integrated Conflict Management

Member logos, Marks and Seals

Use your member logo to show your membership and our combined commitment to this integrated global ecosystem and highest standards of dispute resolution practice for the modern world needs.

Display the member logo on websites, business cards, letterheads, email signatures, promotional materials like your website, brochures and marketing materials.


Follow these guidelines to ensure that the member logo is well displayed whilst protecting the integrity and credibility of the organization trade marks and seals –

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  • The logo is only available to current financial members of FICM. It may not be used by non-members, including former members whose membership has lapsed.
  • Members can use the appropriate logo that reflects their membership position and specialization along with the standard logo.
  • Use the logo in its entirety and do not edit it in any way. Please ensure that you:
  • Do not alter, add, substitute or separate any logo elements or text
  • Retain the proportions, color or typeface of the logo as provided
  • Present the logo without distorting, skewing or rotating it
  • When used online, link the logo to your profile on the organization website or its home pages at https://mediationhub.org/ and not to any other website or page.


Download logos

Need help or want to check appropriate use? Please contact the membership team at membership@mediationhub.org or call us at +91 8505999819.

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