Federation of Integrated Conflict Management

Make the Most of Your FICM Membership

To maximize the value of FICM membership network, here are many opportunities for you to involve and leverage.

Build your global FICM-MCN Accredited Members Profile through our online platform

The FICM-MCN website is an open platform that is accessed and viewed by anyone around the world who is looking for information related to dispute resolution services. FICM-MCN membership provides you an opportunity to build a central profile to showcase all your credentials along with your contributed and published articles, journals, videos, awards and much more. Your FICM-MCN profile is the nucleus of all the showcase of your professional self.  You can update and change your profile as many times as you may wish. Moreover you can also embed the accreditation certificate on your profile or any other medium online. Imagination is the only limit on how you leverage your FICM-MCN online profile.

Make your announcements, updates and news through FICM-MCN Channels absolutely FREE

Now here is a limited period chance for you to leverage your FICM-MCN membership in its most potent form. Use the platform to disseminate your News, Views, and other updates through FICM-MCN vehicles. Our magazines, knowledge series and newsletters are circulated to over 5 lac subscribers in over 30 countries around the world almost periodically. No other platform can give you this reach and opportunity. So just hurry and make the best of it till this is a free resource for the members of FICM-MCN.

Demonstrate Thought Leadership

FICM-MCN is becoming the industry leading platform for anything in dispute resolution and as a member you can demonstrate your thought leadership by publishing your content (Articles, speaker videos and other communications collateral on FICM-MCN website, Newsletters and Magazines).

Our internal editorial team helps our members in the fine tuning of their articles that are good for publishing. We look for innovative and creative ideas.  Please do not worry about the language.  Our editors are there to help.

Enhance your Linkedin Profile

Linkedin is the most visible social media for the professionals and you can enhance your profile on linkedin. As a member, you can now add your designation as an FICM-MCN accredited dispute resolution professional. Reference Sample is given below:

Use of FICM-MCN Logo

Now, here is one very important element – the use of FICM-MCN logo.

Although a very small promotional element, this works wonders at times- for the overall development and public relations as an ADR professional. The FICM-MCN logo can be used in many ways by the members. Here are some ways that we can suggest:

  • Use FICM-MCN logo on your website or other online properties
  • Use the logo on the footer of your email
  • Use the logo on visiting cards and letter heads

FICM-MCN Membership / Accreditation Certificate

The FICM-MCN certificate, possible uses:

  • Print a Digital hard copy of the certificate to be displayed in your office
  • Embed the PDF file in your various social media profiles like linkedin etc.
  • Embed the certificate on your website in the membership certifications section.

Nominate yourself for Regional opportunities like:

Apply to build and operate as:

  • Regional FICM-MCN “Justice Facilitation and Dispute Resolution Center”
  • Regional FICM-MCN Arbitration and Mediation Venue

These opportunities exist only for eligible members who have well equipped resources to carry out work in their specific regions. Normally resources involve office infrastructure and facilities to operate as a Venue or a regional Dispute Resolution Center.

Become our editorial Member

Editorial membership is free for all types of members. As editorial partners you are mentioned in our publications and your contributions are given preference of publication in our various periodicals and journals. Editorial members help us edit the content that goes on website and in our various periodicals and journals.

Step into the Spotlight

Each month, we will feature a Member Spotlight on our website. Spotlights are also promoted via FICM-MCN Social Media and other communication channels. So hurry and make your best contributions to be in the spotlight early. Early contributors will be featured on the spotlight. Also members who share their own latest news and updates will be taken.

Produce your own events in partnership with FICM-MCN to target your audience

Law firms and lawyers who are organizing their own events can do so in collaboration with FICM-MCn. Partnering with FICM-MCN will help greatly in marketing your event to a wider audience, ensuring a better even participation and generating desired results from each event. If you have an event in mind, please talk to Sonali Singh at sonali@mediationhub.in

Join the Referral Program

The Referral program is a two way engagement of all members. Refer clients who need arbitration or other mechanisms.

Raise your profile, gain more exposure, grow your influence

Nominate yourself for the FICM-MCN Operational and Governance Leadership and grow your influence to a larger audience in the legal, business and government sectors. Please note that to be a part of operational and governing council, only selected members may be eligible. Please share your interest in joining one of our leadership councils to Simren Soni at simren@mediationhub.in

We regularly want to hear your news, and so do our network – build your profile by using FICM-MCN as your platform

Our members join and use FICM-MCN for a variety of reasons – it might be to look for potential licensing deals, for insight and learning and/or for exposure. We want to share your news about your professional practice, firm, company, services, events, and your people. You are automatically listed as a member in our directories, but send us your press releases, updates and other information to share with the rest of the FICM-MCN network – all we ask is for it to have strong editorial value and be relevant to other members. If you feel like contributing as guest posts, let us know. If it is of interest to other members, we’ll gladly publish your contribution. Simply email Sonali Singh at sonali@mediationhub.in with your press releases, news updates, insight and research reports or guest posts. It will cost you nothing.

Nominate a New Member

Increasing the FICM-MCN network only adds more value to everyone’s membership. By referring one of your clients, agency, friends or partners to join the FICM-MCN, you’re showing them you care about their overall success. Refer potential new members to Sonali Singh at sonali@mediationhub.in